Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I tend to think there are two types of people in the world: those who attach emotional meanings to objects and those who don't.  But I think I’m most accurately placed in an obscure subset of that first category.  I attach meaning to stuff that doesn't matter, and I get emotional at really weird times.

This makes packing difficult. When I graduated from college, I mentally prepared myself for the moving/packing part, realizing that this process is often symbolic of the end of a great era of life, and that people like me often find it emotionally draining.

Except that it wasn’t.  I was totally fine taking stuff off the walls, putting away memories, saying goodbye to the house. Gift from my (deceased) grandmother? Check.  First picture The Boyfriend ever drew me? Got it, done.  Countless pictures of college memories? Throw dat crap in.

Pair of mismatched Puma ankle socks?

Tears.  Sobs. That kind of body-shaking crying that leaves pools of snot on your upper lip and generates (reasonable) concern in your housemates.

"Ames,” my housemates might have said, “are those...socks?"

“Why are you crying?”
“These socks made me emotional.”
“The socks made you emotional?”


My housemates are good people.

So, as you might be able to imagine, condensing my worldly possessions into three suitcases was a bit of a challenge.  Not an impossible challenge, but one that requires lots of planning.  I started pre-packing (it’s a thing) several weeks before I started packing, because it takes me so long to figure out what is actually important and what only seems important to me during a moment of emotion.  I have to revise the list many times.

And even after several revisions, I still discover some blaring oversights.  For example, a few days before my trip you might have asked me, "Ames, did you pack any coats?”

And I would reply that no, I didn’t, because there wouldn't have been room next to my collection of bookmarks from elementary school WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY MORE IMPORTANT.

There is probably a metaphor here about how I have a hard time prioritizing my life, but I’m not going to go too much into it.  This is mostly because going on about the Great Metaphorical Suitcase of Life sounds a) trite and b) like something I would make fun of. (Except actually, it was good for me to ponder my Great Metaphorical Suitcase of Life for a while, because I have the weirdest stuff in there.  I have this fear that I’ll be unpacking it at the end of my life and be all,  “Why is there so much Netflix?” and I just feel like that’s a pretty good source of motivation.)

Suffice it to say that I checked in my (overweight) luggage with two coats, an exercise ball, plenty of socks, and no bookmarks.  There were also some other things, but they feel less important right now.

I'm off to the train now, which you'll probably hear all about in an upcoming post.  Don't forget about donations, which are still a thing, and know that I think you're all pretty swell.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to the Canada Chronicles, my attempt to communicate to you, my community in absentia, what God is, has been, and will be doing in my life in the next twelve months.  If it turns out that this blog is successful, it could be even longer than that! Gasp!

Mostly, this post is just to welcome you all here and to undo the embarrassment that inevitably comes from having a naked little blog with no posts on it. Poor, naked blog.

A few things about me:

1) Recently graduated from Whitworth University ('sco bucs) with a B.A. in English and minors in ESL and Music.  I enjoy telling people this because it takes a long time to say and makes me sound smarter than "I have no idea how to handle adulthood."

2) Recently accepted a position with the North American Mission Board to help out at two very cool places in Vancouver, B.C.  They are called Zendeh Living Church and the Kanoone Zendegi, and do a fabulous job bringing the Love of God to new residents of British Columbia.

3) is "tres" in Spanish.

4) Today is Canada day!  Hooray!!

5 a.) I often communicate best in stick figures.

5 b.)  I currently look like this:

6) I'm always raising financial support, and I always appreciate your generosity.  Donate here!

I'm sure, as time wears on, that I'll be able to think of more things to tell you all about myself, but for right now these seem like the most important things. Hope to hear from all of you soon! You're all fantastic people.